Silent Movies Stage a Comeback


A number of years ago, under twelve hushed features were available for DVD hire or purchase.

By the end of 2008, this list has expanded from twenty five to more than 500 DVDs. Naturally, they aren’t all feature films. Several are collections of humor shorts or cartoons; and in titles are replicated. Thief of Bagdad, by way of example, can be acquired on no less than eight different labels. Nonetheless, it’s definitely safe to say that more than 400 silent features are currently revealed in DVD formats, which are available for hire or purchase.

Some DVDs are on offer for as little as $5. Others cost just as much as nine times this amount! Regrettably, quality changes as widely as the purchase prices, however, not at all exactly the exact proportions. Indeed some cheap models are now of definitely superior quality than some of the expensive.

It was to be expected that some of the silent era’s major stars are the first to profit from the people suddenly awakened interest in pre-sound movies.

Some of the largest silent stars such as Greta Garbo, Ronald Colman and Joan Crawford, made the transition to noise and became even bigger box-office pulls at the 1930s and 1940s. Some, naturally, fell by the wayside, and took the opportunity to retire or continued their own livelihood in minor parts or little parts.

Nowadays, due to DVD, many of the hidden glories and triumphs of all Hollywood’s past are currently available to entertain and socialize today’s production of film lovers.

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